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How might we reimagine machine-learning education through a digital experience?

Ai-Master reimagined the educational experience of machine learning concepts by improving content through interactivity, gamification, and device accessibility. The goals were to make educational content easier to understand, drive adoption & purchase of the service, and create a seamless experience on all devices.

Stakeholder interviews with the cofounders revealed that target users are undergraduate students interested in studying machine learning

target users

Due to fast-paced startup demands, I relied primarily on low fidelity sketches, storyboards, and stakeholder desk-checks to solicit feedback and evaluate designs

The team had to ship the first version of a full working product in 3 months. Given the timely demands of the project, I opted to use sketches to communicate the responsive screen behaviors, animations, and flows. I reviewed each body of work with our team's data scientists, cofounders, and engineers to ensure accuracy and evaluate the usability collaboratively.

Style & brand guide

brand style guide

Hi-fidelity mockups



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Impact & Reflection

This project officially launched in the winter of 2017. It was later discontinued late 2018 when the cofounders went on to pursue other projects and opportunities. Looking back, this project would have benefited from some discovery in the early phases to help the team determine the best market fit and how to pivot the product direction to better fit the needs of university students. The takeaways that I appreciated from this project were becoming more skilled in mobile-first reponsive designs, collaborating closely with developers to define screen behaviors, and learning animations.