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How might we create a cohesive talent experience for managers so they can focus on transformational leadership

Reduce the overall administrative burden of HR processes that managers are tasked to deal with and reposition managers so they can focus on transformational leadership, help their team members grow, and provide their teams with necessary manager support

talent suite of tools

Preliminary research revealed that customers felt existing solutions were disjointed and tools were difficult to discover

3 research insights

An audit of existing experiences identified areas of opportunity in the hierarchy and navigation

3 audit insights 3 audit insights 3 audit insights

User interviews with 9 managers and 3 customers revealed key themes around growth & development & identified user needs

competitiors screens

Worked with product owners to prioritize key flows and created experience maps and UX principles to identify opportunities where we could simplify processes for managers

design principles

The experience map also served as a narrative guide for our screen designs to be used in concept evaluation studies

journey map

Low-fidelity concept evaluation studies with 6 managers and 2 customers validated our assumptions around landing pages, navigation, and tool-integration opportunities

research findings
low-fidelity concepts

Established core page patterns to be used as a product system

Communicated object mental models to engineers and product people to discuss feasbility of implementation

Delivered hi-fidelity designs to show the vision of the connected experience to stakeholders

Home page

Employee page

Tool page

The impact

  • Pitched the strategy to VP of Product Management
  • Launched strategic product collaboration and discussions with platform-level experience teams
  • Served as a guiding framework for 2 next-generation product solutions