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A really quick overview

I redesigned an existing web experience for a performance feedback tool into a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android in order to better fit customers in healthcare, manufacturing, sales, and other workforces that don't have regular access to a desktop computer.

How might we make performance feedback easier, more frequent, and more meaningful through a mobile experience?

The annual performance review is not enough to retain employees and keep them engaged. Continuous feedback is an HR process that can improve employee engagement at an organization while supplementing the annual review process as well. I previously worked in a team to create a desktop experience for continuous feedback, but many organizations have a mobilized workforce without consistent access to a computer that would miss out on a desktop-only solution.

Watch a short demo video of the web experience that I redesigned for mobile

I defined target users as managers and employees with a focus on industries that are skill oriented & have a need for mobility

I pulled in previous data & research and worked with product folks and other stakeholders to identify needs

target users are metric based, don't have access to a computer, and want feedback to be organized for the performance review

I conducted an audit of the existing web experience to summarize past research and identify areas of opportunity

an audit showed 3 opportunites: do more to show trending results, help identify key areas of growth, improve organizing and tracking

I synthesized a competitor review and identified common patterns using progressive disclosure for mobile feedback experiences which were later incorporated into my designs

competitiors screens

I planned and facilitated cross-team stakeholder workshops which helped us to prioritize 5 key requirements to address in the final designs

images-study1/3-competitors.png an image showing collaborative clustering

Moving from low-mid-high fidelity prototypes allowed our design team to iterate quickly and solicit feedback from product and engineering stakeholders

Sketching on paper allowed the team to collaborate together & brainstorm different flows wireframes for the following flows: 1) feedback grouped by relevant topics 2) progressive disclosure 3) single scroll form for feedback requests 4) dropdown for historical view mockups for the following flows 1) onboarding 2) progressive disclosure 3) confirmations & encouragement

I planned and facilitated usability studies with 6 employees and 6 managers which revealed key themes around adoption that our team would need to address for future HR experiences as well as usability issues

3 themes: 1) feedback tends to be more reactionary 2) continuous feedback is a culture shift 3) managers want feedback from their own directors as well Things that went well: mental model & navigation, celebratory messages. Things that didn't work: continuous scroll, in-app guidance was missed, onboarding felt too long, people want actionable items for focus

I iterated based on user feedback and delivered high fidelity mock-ups, a flow diagram, and an audit for web vs. mobile

The impact

  • Part of a bigger effort that increased our Beta customers by 10+ companies
  • Delivering the mobile experience satisfied a key requirement for the full product to get released to controlled roll-out
  • Opened up opportunities for the product to be leveraged by industries with workforces that don't rely on computers
  • Beta focus group participants responded positively to the mobile experience as an enhancement for the existing web solution
  • One customer liked the tool so much they volunteered to speak at an internal customer conference about their experience
  • 6/6 end-user external participants indicated that they could see themselves using this tool in their own organization