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How might we redesign existing UI to improve usability, way finding, and boost social engagement?

In making these changes, our product people hoped to further revolutionize the way users think about skin care and encourage a more active community to crowdsource skin care data from

Stakeholder interviews uncovered target users to be skin care enthusiasts & people with unique skin care needs

target users

Heuristic evaluations identified key usability issues to address in the redesign

heuristic findings

A competitor review identified opportunities where the app could follow more consistent patterns

competitiors screens

Low-mid fidelity sketches combined with a sitemap allowed our team to iterate quickly and review proposed changes with product and engineering stakeholders for their feedback

When we reviewed the low-fidelity items, our stakeholders wanted the team to emphasize the social media posting flow of the interactions more specifically because their machine-learning model relied on that behavior to source information. With that feedback in mind, we created wireframes to flesh out the interaction patterns with more detail.

Usability studies gave insight into issues regarding the mental model and allowed our team to iterate on the design

The first 5 participants we tested with struggled to understand how social media posting fit into skin care health and product reviews. Our team pivoted and created paper prototypes to reframe the concept of social engagement around blogging and journaling.

We used the paper prototypes to get feedback from 3 more participants who validated the changes and were able to better describe the model of blogging as a means to document their skin care journey.

A brand workshop with stakeholders gave our team guidance towards higher fidelity

High fidelity deliverables

The impact

Laid the product foundation for our stakeholders’ startup app which launched in the Android store in late 2019. They are still in the process of recruiting beta testers to further improve the design and concept. Learn more about their product here.